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Turn off Automatic Image Resizing
Microsoft's Internet Explorer (IE) may automatically resize photos to fit your screen. Visions of Ophelia features very high-resolution images, sometimes exceeding 4000 pixels, and if IE resizes them it will result in a pixilated, horrible image. Please disable this function in IE if necessary by going to Internet Options >Advanced Toolbar >Multimedia. Then uncheck the option for "Automatic Image Resizing."

The same thing can happen in certain versions of Netscape. If this happens, click on Edit in the Toolbar>Preferences>Appearance, go to the bottom and uncheck the "Resize Large Images To Fit Browser Window".

AOL users: to disable the Photo Compression Feature, please go to settings within your AOL browser, choose preferences, internet properties, click the web graphic tab on top of the window and choose "Never Compress Graphics".

Visions of Ophelia is an artistic vision meant to be savored, not rushed through. We've done all we can to simplify the navigation experience so that users can spend all their time gazing at the beautiful, high-resolution photos that make this site such an exciting aesthetic experience. Unenlightened users expecting to enter the site, download huge chunks of it, and then move on will be disappointed.

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