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Visions of Ophelia is a visual exploration of feminine beauty with an emphasis on girls that are 18-19 years of age that are 100% natural. Our philosophy is one that believes quality is far more important that quantity. We do not shoot a large number of models but prefer spending our time searching for the ideal candiate for our vision, and then commissioning a large body of work with her. We are willing to travel the world in pursuit of the right model so even if you live in the Australian outback, the steppes of Asia, or the Alaskan frontier, if you feel you have what it takes to be a model at Visions of Ophelia please contact us. Send us some information about yourself along with a few photographs.

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Please note: all images and information sent to us will be 100% CONFIDENTIAL. We will not publish or release anything you submit to us without your knowledge and approval.

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All models were 18+ at the time they were photographed.
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