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Visions of Ophelia features the fine art photography of American photographer JC Gilbert. It is an artistic exploration of female beauty with the primary subject matter being young women age eighteen to twenty years old. The photography within is ultra-high-resolution black & white presented in exhibition format. Each exhibit contains anywhere from 10 to 50 selected photographs in three different sizes (typically 600, 1500, and 4000 pixels) for easy viewing and maximum, breathtaking enjoyment.

Two things are paramount here: 1) this is not a sexually oriented publication and does not contain any provocative or sexually suggestive photography or text whatsoever, and 2) all models were eighteen years or older at the time they were photographed. It's also worth mentioning that Visions of Ophelia is not your typical "girly" publication that plays to the baser desires of its intended audience. Such themes as sexuality, fantasy, and dominance are not part of this work, and indeed, Visions of Ophelia is a direct result of fighting against that mentality with regards to its subject.

Visions of Ophelia is intended to be a serious, photographer's study of the flawless beauty that is so unique to young women as they mature into full womanhood. It is also an attempt at capturing the unique energy and personalities possessed by its subjects. Already a large body for work with over seventy-two individual exhibitions upon it's official publication in November, 2006 there are hundreds more in development featuring even more stunning material. This promises to be one of the most unique and beautiful mega-sites ever to grace the internet.

Patrons are encouraged to provide feedback and may contact the the artist directly anytime - see the Contact Us page. And Visions of Ophelia is published and managed by New Age Publications, LLC, a leader in providing high-quality, customer-driven web publications since 1998. So we guarantee you'll have a positive experience while enjoying this most beautiful work for many years to come.

All models were 18+ at the time they were photographed.
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